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Student Chapters

AMIA Student Chapters encourage increased awareness and understanding of the mission of AMIA and the role of archivists in the acquisition, preservation, exhibition and use of moving image media.

Student chapters introduce and integrate new archivists into the profession and enhance formal education by providing a forum for discussion and professional activities. Chapters provide an opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues within the professional community.

Student chapters may organize events, tours, and speakers relating to archives, as well presenting and organizing sessions at AMIA’s annual conference. Chapters are facilitated, supported, and overseen by AMIA’s Education Committee

Current Student Chapters

Emerson College (established 2016)


McGill University  (established 2013)

Catherine Henderson, President

New York University (established 2003)

Winnie Schwaid-Lindner, President;  Shahed Dowlatshahi and Greg Helmstetter, Vice-Presidents; Erica Lopez, Secretary; Dylan Lorenz, Treasurer; Frannie Trempe, Outreach

Ryerson University (established 2016)

Magnus Berg, Blanche Joslin, Isaac Prusky, and David Emery, Officers

Simmons College (established 2015)

Adam Schutzman, President; Erica Hill, Vice President’ Meg Monroe, Secretary; Marlan Sigelman, Communications and Events Officer; , Treasurer; Ashley Thomas, Webmaster

University of Amsterdam (Established 2014)

Cristina Kolozsvary-Kiss, President; Sophie Tupholme, Vice President;  Bea Harbour, Treasurer; John Jacobsen, Secretary; Olivia Harsan, Communications Coordinator

University of California at Los Angeles (established 2000)

Adam Foster and Brianna Toth, Presidents

University of Rochester  (established 2012)

Sam Lane, President

University of Texas-Austin (established 2014)

Selena Aleman, Sarah Gardner, and Sara Rogers, co-Directors; ;  Kate Cronin, Radio/Television/Film Representative

University of Toronto (established 2015)

Mairead Murphy, President; Samantha Frederick, Vice President; Allen Kwan, Treasurer

Establishing A Student Chapter

If you’re interested in establishing a Student Chapter, we urge you to contact the Education Committee Chair(s) or the AMIA Office.  We can answer questions and help you through the process.