Explorers and scientists hiking a glacier in Southeast Alaska, 1926. William O. Field Papers, AAF-21001 (still image from film), Alaska Film Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. http://library.uaf.edu/film-archives

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship provides administrative and programmatic platforms that enable you to develop, launch and promote high-impact projects around the globe.

Many individuals, foundations, corporations, or government organizations restrict funding of independent projects to tax-exempt organizations. Fiscal Sponsorship allows AMIA to serve as a conduit for financial resources, and provides some support and oversight for project grants.

Projects fiscally sponsored by AMIA are able to offer the incentive of a charitable deduction for income tax purposes, a service individuals couldn’t otherwise offer. It also offers grant seekers the ability to access foundation and government grant funding that may only be accessible to non-profit organizations or fiscally sponsored projects.

Establishing a fiscal sponsorship under AMIA’s 501(c)(3) public charity designation substantially reduces the costs typically associated with developing nonprofit governance, management and operational infrastructure. It also can be a useful interim step while your project makes the transition to independent charitable status.

Is your project eligible?

Your project must be a non-commercial work – not intended as a for-profit business opportunity – and fall within AMIA’s mission, which is dedicated to media preservation and access.  AMIA Membership is required for all projects accepted into the program at either the Individual or Institutional level.  Membership must be maintained throughout the life of the fiscal sponsorship account.