ca. 1974 American Universities Field Staff Faces of Change film series : Bolivia Produced by Norman Miller and filmed by Hubert Smith and Neil Reichline Norman Miller Film Collection, National Anthropological Film Collection, Smithsonian Institution

Travel Grants

To broaden participation in the annual Conference, AMIA has developed a travel grant program to help defray costs and encourage attendance for those who might not otherwise be able to attend. Travel grants are funded through the generosity of AMIA members and donors.

In 2020, the Community Fund and the Savada Family Legacy Fund will offer Conference Grants instead of Travel Grants – providing registration fee waivers rather than travel grants. Apply here.

AMIA Community Fund

The AMIA Community Fund was established to pay tribute to the work of AMIA members, and offer colleagues, friends and families a way to honor contributions to the moving image field. The Fund provides grants of up to $1,000 for travel to the annual Conference. The Community Fund is funded through members and donors, and not through the general AMIA budget. The number of travel grants each year is based on donations received. The Savada Family Legacy Travel Grants and the Community Fund Travel Grants share a single application form.

Consider a donation the Community Fund! Your donation is an opportunity to support the work of colleagues, friends, and professionals who ensure that our media culture is accessible today and tomorrow.

Savada Family Legacy Fund Travel Grants

The Savada Family Legacy Fund Travel Grant offers two grants, up to $1,000 each, in funding for travel costs to the annual AMIA conference.

The Savada Family Legacy Travel Grants and the Community Fund Travel Grants share a single application form.

LAC Group Student Travel Grant

The LAC Group/PRO-TEK Vaults Student Travel Grant was established to help students network with colleagues and engage with professionals in the field at the annual conference. The grant provides up to $1,000 in travel funding for a student to attend the annual Conference. In addition, the recipient will be invited to spend a day at PRO-TEK in Los Angeles speaking with experts and touring the facility.

The Carolyn Hauer NxNW International Fund

The Carolyn Hauer International NxNW Fund is dedicated to promoting internationalism within AMIA. Established in 2004 in honor of the late Carolyn Hauer, the fund provides travel grants to conference presenters from developing areas. The Fund also provides individual and institutional memberships to institutions from developing areas.