Reverend Jesse Jackson's march for jobs -- around the White House (1975). Thomas J O'Halloran, photographer. Library of Congress.


AMIA is guided by its mission and its vision and operates and led by a volunteer Board of Directors.

As AMIA’s governing body, the Board sets strategic direction, provides necessary resources, and makes key decisions that the staff then implement to meet member needs.

In addition to its Board and staff, our leadership includes committees, task forces, and working groups, all working within our bylaws, policies, and governance manuals to further AMIA’s mission and vision.

Code of Ethics

AMIA, a collective of individuals, recognizes the diversity of its membership and encourages each individual who acts as a custodian of our moving image heritage to strive towards the following common goals …

Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AMIA is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values, to be reflected in our membership and within the institutions and constituents we serve as stewards of our moving image heritage. AMIA strives to cultivate an environment in which a multiplicity of voices are sought, listened to, and respected, and in which the development of cultural competence is a priority.

Code of Conduct

AMIA is strongly committed to the providing an environment of cooperation and collaboration among its members. These values are central in our Mission, our Code of Ethics, and our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct reflects AMIA’s commitment to provide an environment in which diverse participants may learn, network and enjoy the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual human respect – in all spaces, including online, at events, in committee work, or list serves.

Annual Reports