No date is given, but the color photograph and the appearance of Danny Kaye point to a later period in his life. Doug McKenzie Photographer. Kaye/Fine Collection, Music Division. Library of Congress.

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AMIA invites you to become a part of the community of archivists, scholars and concerned supporters of moving image preservation and access.

Membership is open to any interested individual, institution, organization or corporation.  Being a member provides an opportunity for a diverse array of professionals, students, and friends of the field, to meet, share information and work together. For newcomers to this vibrant, dynamic, and committed community, networking with other AMIA members and industry professionals is an invaluable introduction.

Over the past few years, AMIA has moved to implement a sliding scale for event and webinar fees. Our membership fees will now use the same sliding scale as our events with Individual Membership at senior, middle, and new professional levels. We have added a bridge rate for members who are between jobs, as well as a rate for those who are retired but still active within the community.

AMIA offers both Individual and Institutional Memberships.

Individual Membership

All Individual Members receive the semi-annual AMIA journal The Moving Image, the quarterly AMIA Membership Directory, the bi-weekly newsletter, discounted registration fees for AMIA conferences and symposia, discounts on AMIA online workshops and webinars, and the benefits of affiliation with the foremost international professional association for media archivists. Individual Members are entitled to vote, hold elective office or appointive position, and participate in all AMIA activities. Any number of individuals from the same institution can join. Membership is non-transferable.

We know that salaries in our field vary a lot, even among those at the same professional level. For the recommended professional levels choose the membership fee that best reflects your own ability to pay, regardless of what professional level that reflects.

Student Member $65
GDP International $65
Bridge Rate $65
Retired Professional $65
New Professional $125
Mid-Level Professional $155
Senior-Level Professional $185
Supporter Professional $250
  • Student members are asked to provide proof of student status.
  • Individual Member (GDP Per Capita Rate) for international members, is for members living in countries whose GDP per capita rate is less than 60% of the US GDP. [For example, the 2019 US GDP per capita calculated by the UN was 65,134 – for those coming from countries with a GDP per capita less than 39,080 the discounted rate applies.]   This chart lists countries by GDP per capita and currently reflects current  values.
  • The Bridge Rate is available to renewing current members who are currently un- or under-employed and may be exercised in two, non-consecutive years.

Individual Membershp

Institutional Membership

Institutional members are committed to the field and providing programs and projects that support the work of archives and archivists around the world.

In addition to AMIA publications and invitations, Institutional Members receive a listing in the AMIA Membership Directory, discount registration at the membership rate for employees, and an enhanced listing in the AMIA Supplier Directory. All employees receive the member discount to AMIA events and webinars.

Each Institutional Membership also includes a single individual membership whereby a designated person from your institution will be allowed to vote, hold elective office, and participate in all AMIA committees.  The Individual Membership can be assigned to anyone of your choice, but once assigned is not transferable until renewal.

Institutional Membership