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Become an AMIA sponsor!  At a time of accelerating change, AMIA provides a unique forum for everyone involved in the production, use, preservation and management of visual media.  From large media companies to community archives, AMIA is the only place where everyone comes together to share information, strategies, and innovations in meeting the challenges of a constantly evolving field.  There are a broad range of sponsorship opportunities available here.

Preservation Partners

AMIA’s Preservation Partners provide year-round support for programs, projects and publications as well as AMIA events.

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services (IMES), the media and entertainment division of Iron Mountain Incorporated®, is the go-to physical and digital media archiving service for the media and entertainment industries. IMES partners with clients ranging from the broadcast, film, music and sports sectors to brand archives and individual artists’ collections and estates, to protect and activate media archives to preserve our collective cultural heritage. A global leader in media preservation, restoration and archive management, IMES offers industry-leading archive, storage, chain-of-custody processes and physical and digital content preservation solutions to ensure the complete protection of some of the world’s most treasured and iconic assets.

Seagate Powered by Tape Ark

Zettabytes of the world’s data sits trapped on legacy tapes, stuck in offsite vault storage. Today, this data may be more useful than ever; with the power of AI and deep data analytics, it can provide greater intelligence than ever to solve problems. Older data can also be valuable, or even necessary, for maintaining regulatory compliance. Yet this data is disconnected, hard to access, and sits deteriorating on aging technology. Seagate’s Lyve Data Services and Tape Ark have teamed up to deliver a service that will free the data trapped in tape vaults — a simple, streamlined process to migrate high volumes of data from aging, archived tape media directly to public cloud platforms such as AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure, in a secure and methodical way.

The goal: liberate the data from the tape vaults, unlocking the potential to access, restore, mine, analyze, monetize and deploy it in ways never before possible. In the new Data Age — the age if IT 4.0 — data is continuously being created at endpoints, often processed at the edge then transmitted to the cloud to be analyzed as part of still-larger sets of relevant data; the migration and activation of all available data sets is crucial for driving digital transformation — and for surviving and thriving as part of the IT 4.0 revolution.

Gold Level Partners

Image Protection Services

ImagePro founder and president, Sean Coughlin, who also founded Cinetech, has managed restoration and preservation of more than 8,000 films, along with numerous digital video files and stills for clients throughout the entertainment industry and public/private archives, including British Film Institute, George Eastman House, Library of Congress, Sony Pictures, Universal, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, MoMA, 20th Century Fox, The Film Foundation, Lionsgate, Warner Bros., Paramount, Frank Capra Collection, UCLA Film & Television Archive, and The National Center for Jewish Film.

LAC Group

LAC Group works at providing a full service answer to the ever changing preservation needs of moving image and still photography content owners who require the best in film and/or digital media storage, inspection and preservation processes. Known worldwide for state-of-the-art media preservation services, LAC Group sets the standard for the long term keeping of film in a precise environment and critically controlled process. We strive for excellence and to remain unparalleled in our service and customer satisfaction.

Silver Level Sponsors

DFT: Digital Film Technology (DFT)

Film archives are of great historical importance and require long-term preservation for future generations. Whether you are considering long-term film archival of the original content and / or digitization of archival material for easier access DFT offers a complete and affordable hardware and software combination for archive facilities to secure the protection of film assets.

Prasad Corporation

Prasad Corporation utilizes the latest tools to scan and restore your motion picture film, including the DFT Scanity with high Dynamic Range technology. We focus on offering economical solutions to help you digitize your collections and make them more accessible. As Prasad Corp, our team’s years of experience allow us to handle complicated restoration projects.

Bronze Level Sponsors

Allied Vaughn

Allied Vaughn provides a full range of professional archival expertise and asset management resources that help our clients build, streamline and protect their digital assets. We provide complete services for managing content at every stage of its life cycle — including preservation, digitization, workflow management, archival storage, taxonomy management, metadata application, and governance. With an unbeatable combination of technology and talent, we help clients unlock the value that can be gained from well-managed content and provide conscientious and informed care for the assets that tell our clients’ stories, embody their brand, and generate vital revenue for the enterprise.

Digital Bedrock

Digital Bedrock provides secure, managed digital preservation services to ensure your digital content is usable when you need it. Our off-cloud architecture combines object storage technologies with green and secure storage, so our clients have a minimal carbon footprint. We manage the content over time by monitoring its bit health and format obsolescence vulnerabilities, as well as managing geographically dispersed redundant storage for disaster recovery. As a related service, we also help clients save their digital content by migrating their data from legacy LTO to the cloud, current LTO generations, or hard drives. Storage media becomes obsolete faster than the file formats on them, so data should be moved off legacy media now. We’ve preserved 3 PB of data for media & entertainment entities, museums, archives, non-profits, and even law firms who view us as their trusted preservation partner.


AVP maximizes the usability of data by resolving large-scale digital and physical audio, video, image, text, numeric, metadata, or other data challenges with innovative consulting services, software products, and software development. AVP holistically straddles the business and technology aspects of each challenge, applying proven and rigorous approaches and partnering with customers to achieve their goals.


Aviary is an audio and video streaming platform, offering sophisticated permissions and access controls for publishers and providing users with search, navigation, and playback across collections of content, pinpointing search results with playback exactly where a search term is found.