AMIA Screening Room

On Demand | Thursdays

AMIA Screening Room is a weekly stream of conference or DAS sessions, webinars, tours, and other content for members. It’s an opportunity to see something you may have missed, or revisit a session you found interesting. Content will vary each week and the screenings will be 30-60 minutes.

The Screening Room is on demand starting at 11:00am (Pacific) and will be accessible for one week.  Look for the weekly link from AMIA-Member every Thursday, or contact the office at for the link.

  • May 25 – June 1:  Tyranny in Triples
    Western Democracies are in crisis. There is widespread dissatisfaction with traditional politics. Anger, frustration and polarization are on the rise. Large groups of voters don’t feel represented and seek refuge in extremist political parties & ideologies. This state of affairs has similarity to Europe in the 1930’s. Some Europeans hoped that Fascist or Nazi movements would create a new world order based on (imagined) traditions and values from the past. Other groups and progressive elements had to be eradicated.