Explorers and scientists hiking a glacier in Southeast Alaska, 1926. William O. Field Papers, AAF-21001 (still image from film), Alaska Film Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. http://library.uaf.edu/film-archives

Projection Workshop

The workshops offer different levels of training aimed at increasing the sustainability and support of film exhibition far into the foreseeable future.

Over the past decade more than 90% of cinemas have migrated exhibition to solely digital projection, raising concerns that professional expertise in projecting 35mm is rapidly declining. Prints are difficult to obtain and expensive to replace, and require special knowledge and skills to project.

Projection experience and expertise is critical in preserving access to archival prints and rare films, making it possible for these films to be seen by audiences on the big screen.  AMIA’s projection workshops are designed to address these challenges, and encourage best practices for film projection through instruction, education, and support, as well as building a collaborative community of film handlers.

AMIA’s Projection Workshops, in partnership with The Film Foundation, collaborate with Boston Light & Sound and The Alamo Drafthouse, to offer hands-on tutorials for projectionists at different levels of experience working with film prints.

The Projection Workshop was developed in 2014 by AMIA’s Film Advocacy Task Force and the AMIA Projection and Presentation Committee with the support and partnership of the Alamo Drafthouse.