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Task Forces + Working Groups

Task Forces and Working Groups are ad hoc Committees established to work on a specific task or project for a defined period of time.

Task Force

A Task Force is an ad hoc Committee of the Board.  Task Forces are established to work on a defined task or activity with a stated term of 12 months (with extension possible).  Based on the activity or tasks, a Task Force may be extended by a vote of the Board.  A Task Force may have multiple projects, tasks or activities.

Continuing Education Advisory Task Force

The CEA Task Force is charged with both short-term and longer-term goals. The Task Force will recommend a strategic direction for AMIA’s online continuing education program. As part of this recommendation, the Task Force will work to identify training/educational needs within the field, summarize existing core competencies analysis and definitions, identify strategic collaborators or partners, and consider the merits of individual certification.

The AMIA Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship Pilot (ADIFP) Task Force

The AMIA Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship Pilot (ADIFP) Task Force will provide support for outreach and project planning, advisors for mentorship materials and the education curricula, and provide feedback and recommendations for the final report on the project.

Local Television Task Force

The AMIA Local TV Task Force was relaunched to identify, analyze, and provide recommended solutions for the significant gaps still remaining in the preservation and access of the United States’ local television archives

Working Groups

A Working Group is an ad hoc Committee of the Membership where a collection of members come together to achieve a single, stated objective or project.  A working group might involve members from different committees or individual members collaborating on a project.  Unlike a Task Force, a Working Group is formed by individual members or committees and does not need a vote of the Board to be established, but does notify the Board of its charge/mission and the intended term (e.g. one year, six months, etc).

Film Advocacy Working Group

Originally the Film Advocacy Task Force, the FATF Working Group advocates to continue to make movies on film, to project film, and to encourage the production and use of motion picture film worldwide.