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Committees are the heart of AMIA, playing a crucial role in program development, strategic direction, and fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Did you know that virtually every aspect of AMIA is driven by committees? When AMIA members come together they bring a broad range of experience and ideas and in-depth knowledge that’s unmatched in the field.

Whether you’ve been an AMIA member for years or are just getting your feet wet, as a committee volunteer you have the power to influence projects and decisions that benefit the whole field. With a number of committees to choose from, you can volunteer for one that focuses on the issues or initiatives that are most critical to you.

Committees Of The Board

AMIA Board Committees are responsible for the business and service functions of the Association, and are created by the Board of Directors.

Committee Resources

For all volunteers Basecamp offers the ability to work collaboratively by sending messages, linking collaborative documents, storing files, and keeping a calendar. If you’re not already set up on Basecamp, let us know.

As a committee chair you never have to “go it alone.” The AMIA office can answer questions, offer background, provide logistics, and help with communications (e.g., email blasts, conference calls, social media). Think of the office as the Help Desk (but better).

 Each committee is also assigned a Board Liaison. This is the committee’s direct line to the Board. The liaison brings issues to the committee and serves as an additional resource for the chair(s) as needed.

The Guide for Committee Chairs has information about rosters, reports, and elections, as well as tools available to you as a chair.

The work of AMIA’s committees and volunteers are guided by our mission, our vision, and we are dedicated to providing its members and guests who participate in our activities with a welcoming, diverse and professional community, as well as help facilitate a harassment-free and discrimination-free environment