Weighing 405 lbs. (184 kg), this 35-inch (89-cm) pressurized stainless steel sphere measured the density, composition, pressure and temperature of Earth's atmosphere after its launch from Cape Canaveral on April 3, 1963. The mission was one of three that Goddard Space Flight Center specifically conducted to learn more about the atmosphere's physical properties, knowledge that they ultimately used for scientific and meteorological purposes. Explorer XVII carried two spectrometers, four vacuum pressure gauges and two electrostatic probes. Before it reached its intended orbit that ranged from 158 to 570 miles (254-917 km) above Earth, the satellite was spun up to about 90 rpm.


AMIA Awards honor outstanding professional accomplishment in and contributions to the field of moving image archiving.

Silver Light Award

The Silver Light Award recognizes outstanding career achievement in moving image archiving. Measures of achievement may include substantial contributions to the field over an extended period, leadership in the field, work in professional societies or other professional activities, writings or publications, preservation and restoration projects, innovations that advance the cause of preservation, and patronage donated to archives or archival projects.

William S. O’Farrell Volunteer Award

The William S. O’Farrell Award recognizes significant contributions to AMIA and to the field. Honorees have made a significant contribution to AMIA, either in the form of notable achievement or special projects, or through the noteworthy performance of volunteer work carried out over a long period of time.

Alan Stark Award

The Alan Stark Award honors individuals who have made a significant contribution through their efforts on a special project or in project management that contributes to, and supports, the work of moving image archives and/or the operations of AMIA.

Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award recognizes an individual, an organization, or a project that promotes greater public awareness, appreciation, or support of media archives or those working to preserve and provide access to media archives.

Spotlight Award

The Spotlight Award honors individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the field of audiovisual archiving and/or to AMIA through specific accomplishments or a career of achievement and contribution. The Award is presented at the discretion of the AMIA Board.


AMIA’s Awards Committee administers AMIA’s awards, accepting nominations from the membership annually. Nominations open in January of each year.