AMIA Awards honor outstanding professional accomplishment in and contributions to the field of moving image archiving.

AMIA Awards

AMIA honors individuals’ and organization’s professional achievements as well as contributions made to the Association and/or the archival community, through its Awards program. Honorees are leaders who exemplify the values and practice the principles outlined in AMIA’s governance documents.

The Awards Committee accepts nominations from AMIA members for each award. Nominations are closed for the 2022 Awards, but you may make a nomination for the 2023 AMIA Awards.

Silver Light Award

The Silver Light Award recognizes outstanding career achievement in moving image archiving. Measures of achievement may include substantial contributions to the field over an extended period, leadership in the field, work in professional societies or other professional activities, writings or publications, preservation and restoration projects, innovations that advance the cause of preservation, and patronage donated to archives or archival projects.

William S. O’Farrell Volunteer Award

The William S O’Farrell Volunteer Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to AMIA and to the field through service as a volunteer.  The award may be for contributions over an extended period or for a single outstanding contribution. Areas of achievement may include: significant contribution to AMIA  in the form of notable achievement or special projects; noteworthy volunteer service carried over an extended period of time.

Nominees must be AMIA members.

Alan Stark Award

The Alan Stark Award honors individuals who have made a significant contribution through their efforts on a special project or in project management that contributes to, and supports, the work of moving image archives and/or the operations of AMIA. Nominees must be AMIA members.

Outstanding contributions may be in the form of projects that have advanced the field; advanced an institution; streamlined a workflow; improved an existing process; increased access to a collection; highlighted a collection; hlighted an institution; helped preserve a collection; directly benefited the operations of AMIA.


Ray Edmondson Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award recognizes an individual, an organization, or a project that promotes greater public awareness, appreciation, or support of media archives or those working to preserve and provide access to media archives. The Award is named for Ray Edmondson in recognition of his history of advocacy for cinema, archives and archivists around the world.  Nominees must be AMIA members.

Spotlight Award

The Spotlight Award honors individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the field of audiovisual archiving and/or to AMIA through specific accomplishments or a career of achievement and contribution. The Award is presented at the discretion of the AMIA Board.


AMIA’s Awards Committee administers AMIA’s awards, accepting nominations from the membership annually. Nominations open in January of each year.