Reverend Jesse Jackson's march for jobs -- around the White House (1975). Thomas J O'Halloran, photographer. Library of Congress.

Community Webinars

Free Webinars

Protocols of Native Archives Archival Materials: Providing Context through Centering Indigenous Voices

This is a project that takes mid-20th century educational and sponsored films about Native peoples of the U.S. Southwest back into tribal communities and recording Native narrations and contextual information for film content by the Native communities they represent.  This free webinar is a follow up to AMIA’s Stewardship of Indigenous Materials 2019 conference programming, and is in collaboration with Society of American Archivists and Sustainable Heritage Network.

Disabilities Consciousness Raising

This introductory session invites audiovisual specialists to interrogate how disability is understood and thought about. Informed by disability studies and the history of disability in visual culture, Drs. Raphael Raphael and Tom Conway invite our profession to consider the impact of how ‘disability’ is defined in the shared spaces.

Disability and Audiovisual Archives Access

As a follow up to the Disability Consciousness Raising webinar, this session will provide a number of perspectives on actionable ways audiovisual archivists can better provide access to their collections and online.   Webinar resources.



DAS Presents: The LOC National Screening Room: Preparing Content Virtually During Covid19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staff from the Library of Congress National Audio Visual Conservation Center were provided with an opportunity to adapt workflows that will increase the availability of moving image content in the National Screening Room, our point of public online access to digitized content. Presented by our partners at Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, Seagate powered by Tape Ark, Image Protection Services, and LAC Group.

Creating Terminal Block Connections for Analog Audio

This short workshop will walk the viewer through using an audio terminal block connections commonly found on video digitization equipment.  This free BAVC workshop is sponsored by NEH and AMIA.

Introduction to Digital Formats and Storage: An Eight Part Series

This foundational series provides an overview of bits and bytes, analog to digital conversion, audio, video, and film formats, digital data storage options, compression, and digital data preservation efforts. (2015)

A/V Archiving Job Searches in a Global Emergency

The panel will provide helpful tips for navigating what is a very difficult time to search for a new job. It will also act as part of a larger support network that AMIA is creating for its members and others in the field to meet and share their worries and successes. (2020)

Best Practices for Personal Audiovisual Collections: Two Part Series

This two part series is directed to families and individuals with audiovisual collections they wish to preserve. Part Two – Digitization focuses on considerations families and individuals should make regarding sending out audiovisual material to be digitized vs. trying to do the work at home, with a case example of a MiniDV setup. Long-term care strategies are also discussed.

Best Practices for Small Audiovisual Archives: Two Part Series

This two part series is for small institutions with audiovisual collections and limited staff. Part One – An overview of common media and formats likely to be found in mixed archival collections, with discussion of audiovisual collection management and sustainability. Part Two – Digitization focuses on the digitization of analog materials, with considerations for using vendors vs. creating in-house stations, with a case example of a VHS setup. Care and maintenance of digital video and audio is also discussed.