BlessTheirLittleHearts (1983) Charles Burnett, Bernard Nicholas, and Billy Woodberry Courtesy: Milestone Films

Advocacy Committee of the Board

Chairs: Pamela Vadakan and Karma Foley

In recognition that advocacy is integral to AMIA’s mission, in 2018 the membership committee on advocacy was transitioned to the Advocacy Committee of the Board.

AMIA recognizes that advocacy is essential in supporting the preservation of our media heritage and in championing a multiplicity of voices in the historical record.  The Advocacy Committee aligns with AMIA’s mission in supporting public and professional education in relation to the preservation and use of moving image media, and furthering professional communication and collaboration.

Working with members, committees, and the board, AMIA’s Advocacy Committee develops strategic recommendations and actions to further the interests of the field and represent those interests to the wider community, resource allocators, policy makers, and to the public.  The Committee works to identify and promote opportunities to shape public perception and raise awareness of archives and archival professionals, explores ways that AMIA can be responsive to and advocate for the resources needed by archives and archival professionals; and suggests strategic collaborations and partnerships as methods of amplifying advocacy efforts.

Goals:  2018 – 2019

  • Survey of the membership to identify key advocacy concerns and methods
  • Develop a process to allow members to raise advocacy issues to the committee and to the board
  • Develop advocacy guidelines outlining AMIA’s advocacy efforts
  • Analyze results of membership survey together with committee and board discussion to compile a report recommending advocacy priorities and methods
  • Identify a list of organizations and institutions as potential partners in advocacy efforts

About the Advocacy Committee of the Membership (2009-2017).