G. J. Ramstedt in the radio studio with Sakari Pälsi, 1948 On the left G. J. Ramstedt (Gustaf John Ramstedt 1873-1950), explorer and Altai language linguist in the radio studio with colleague, archaeologist and explorer - also journalist, writer and photographer - Sakari Pälsi (1882-1965). Yle Archives, the Finnish Broadcasting Company: yle.fi/yleisradio/about-yle/this-is-yle

Moving Image Related Materials and Documentation Committee

Chair: Natasha Margulis

A Moving Image Related Materials and Documentation Interest Group was formed at the 2000 Annual Conference to respond to the needs of a growing constituency of Archivists within AMIA who work with moving image related materials and documentary evidence (for example: scripts, production records, artifacts, etc.).

Made a standing committee in 2009, it remains a forum for sharing information among professionals working in institutions holding moving image related collections by actively promoting the proper identification, handling and preservation of these collections through scholarly research and dissemination. To this end, MIRMDC supports sessions and educational workshops during the annual AMIA conferences as well as encouraging the publication of findings based on research into moving image related collections.