Explorers and scientists hiking a glacier in Southeast Alaska, 1926. William O. Field Papers, AAF-21001 (still image from film), Alaska Film Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. http://library.uaf.edu/film-archives


Chair: Greg Wilsbacher

The Preservation Committee seeks out trends, enablers, and threats to be understood, evaluated and reported on in a critical manner. It brings in leading experts, thinkers, and innovators to find solutions that are sustainable and that make sense from a long-term preservation perspective. The Preservation Committee develops ways to use, re-use and re-purpose archival materials and to provide access to the results thereof. It strives to demystify the archival enabling technologies involved.

Preservation Vision Statement

  • Archivists are guardians of the treasure houses of audio-visual works and their associated metadata and derivatives.  They are the protectors of the literature of our time, and expect to find an environment free from commercial, political or institutional bias and agendas.
  • To share, exchange, polish up and test concepts and evaluate their consequences and find truth and enlightenment. A place where experience, enthusiasm and judgment are sought after appreciated and acted upon.
  • An environment where people make commitments and are expected to be prepared and give the best.
  • A context that deserves the investment of its members’, employers or clients’ resources.
  • Our work is relevant, important and urgent.


Film Shrinkage Gauge.  The AMIA film shrinkage gauge is a benefit of membership developed under the auspices of the Preservation Committee. The gauge was manufactured and purchased in 1997 and can be used to measure the linear shrinkage in any roll of 35mm, 16mm or regular 8mm film. The film shrinkage gauge is available for loan free of charge to any member of AMIA.

Waveform Monitor/Vector Scope. Waveform monitor is a benefit brought to you by the members of the Preservation Committee. The Waveform Monitor is available for loan free of charge to any member of AMIA.

Past Projects

This resource, prepared by the Preservation Committee in 2002 and updated regularly, offers guidance to custodians of archival video collections of any size. The coverage of topics aims to be comprehensive and the discussion uses non-technical language to focus on the fundamental issues concerning the long-term care and handling of videotape.

With assistance from the Preservation Committee, AMIA recently prepared a factsheet on Storage Standards and Guidelines for both motion picture film and videotape. This document outlines current temperature and humidity standards, provides information on storage-related publications and resources, as well as contact information and links to selected storage providers.