Archival Screening Night audience at the Circle Cinema in Tulsa, OK.

Independent Media Committee

Chair: Sarah Mainville

The Independent Media Committee was created to promote issues relating to preservation and access of independent media to independent producers. Independent producers encompass the following constituents:

  • Independent film- and video-makers
  • Artists working in moving image media
  • Artists producing work culled from archive(s) or other cultural heritage collection(s)
  • So-called “default” archives residing with independent distributors, community organizations, video access centers, and social & political advocacy groups.
  • Under-resourced cultural heritage institutions which collect, preserve and provide access to independently produced moving images

We are committed to supporting independents which produce work on a wide variety of media, including film (particularly small-gauge due to its relevance to our constituency), analog & digital video including so-called “consumer” formats, object-based electronic art, web art and works using emerging technologies in digital form. The focus of this commitment is in addressing needs around preservation and access of non-commercial works including genres such as documentary, narrative, experimental film and video, and works produced independently for public television.

The group is also concerned with paper documentation of independent media (paper, posters, photographs, ephemera, and digital objects which facilitate documentation). Current projects include promoting independent media within AMIA through conference presentations & screenings, the Community Archiving Workshop and Toolkit and Video Forever Wiki. The committee also administers “Film Preservation Manual for Home and Independent Filmmakers.”