Lois Weber's Shoes (1916) The hand of poverty. Courtesy: Milestone Films (link: https://www.milestonefilms.com)

Small Gauge and Amateur Film Committee

Chairs: Hugo Ljungbäck, Louisa Trott, and Patricia Ledesma Villon

The Small Gauge and Amateur Film Committee was created in 2001 to continue the work begun by AMIA’s Small Gauge Task Force and Inédits interest group. Our mission is to promote and protect the interests of small gauge and amateur film, its creators, and its advocates. “Small gauge” film includes all media smaller than 35mm—the emphasis is on 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8mm, but less common formats like 28mm and 9.5mm and amateur home video formats are also considered under the small gauge umbrella. “Amateur” film includes most non-commercial productions-especially home movies, avant-garde cinema, and undistributed materials. Any of these materials may be privately held or in the care of an archive, stock house, or other collecting institution.

Committee Goals

  • Activate the exchange of information among individuals involved with small gauge and amateur film at all levels
  • Continue to develop and publicize standards for the care and preservation of small gauge and amateur film materials
  • Encourage consideration and appreciation of small gauge and amateur film works, especially in the context of film and social history and the culture of the moving image
  • Support research, writing, and public activities related to small gauge and amateur film and the many issues associated with it

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