ca. 1974 American Universities Field Staff Faces of Change film series : Bolivia Produced by Norman Miller and filmed by Hubert Smith and Neil Reichline Norman Miller Film Collection, National Anthropological Film Collection, Smithsonian Institution

CAW Working Group

The CAW Working Group will develop and deliver the Community Archiving Workshop each year at the annual AMIA conference.

The Community Archiving Workshop is a one-day event in which AMIA members and local community members come together to practice the essentials of audiovisual archiving and complete a collection inventory and assessment for a local organization. Workshop participants get hands-on training on the handling and care of audiovisual collections, AMIA members engage local community members in processing and describing their community’s audiovisual assets, and together process a small collection (approximately 200 recordings) in preparation for preservation.

While this can be a year-round Working Group, the bulk of the time commitment is usually 3-6 months leading up to the workshop with some post-workshop follow up needed as participants wrap up deliverables with the partner organizations.

Workshop planning is documented in the CAW Handbook.

Expectations include:

  • Attend the Working Group meetings at the AMIA annual conference
  • Assist in the planning of the annual AMIA Community Archiving Workshop
  • Keep track of deadlines, e.g. AMIA Call for Proposals, newsletters, etc.
  • Solicit agenda items for Working Group meetings

If you’re interested in joining the CAW Working Group, please fill out the CAW Membership Interest Form.