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Continuing Education Advisory Task Force

Chairs: Andy Uhrich and Brianna Toth

Task Force Members

Casey Davis Kaufman, Clara Sánchez-Dehesa, Ed Benoit, Ethan Gates, Jackie Jay, Jess Cayer, Karen Gracey, Kimberly Tarr, Laura Rooney, Melissa Dollman, Nicole Martin, Snowden Becker and Teague Schneiter


Task Force Charge

The CEA Task Force is charged with both short-term and longer-term goals. The Task Force will recommend a strategic direction for AMIA’s online continuing education program. As part of this recommendation, the Task Force will work to identify training/educational needs within the field, summarize existing core competencies analysis and definitions, identify strategic collaborators or partners, and consider the merits of individual certification.

AMIA Quaranstream

During the COVID-19 pandemic the professional and academic landscapes have been drastically transformed. In response, AMIA’s CEA Task Force has programmed a series of five webinars to address critical issues that have emerged, as well as provide skills necessary in the transition to working more remotely. Due to the large number of free online educational resources that explain audiovisual archiving concepts (CEA Task Force 2019 Report Appendix 6: Online Resources for A/V Preservation), the task force will utilize existing online material as recommended reading for these webinars. In so doing, the programming being offered can move to an intermediate level of training that will go into greater depth of the topics and skills being taught, fill gaps within current educational and professional resources, and bring awareness to the work of organizations and individuals who created these materials.

The CEA Task Force believes that our programming is strengthened with partnerships across institutions, geography, and areas of expertise so we can continue to strive for a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable approach to media preservation. We invite practitioners of all backgrounds to participate, lead webinars, and give feedback to help us create the best possible educational opportunities for our community.

Webinar Schedule:

  • Airtable for Archivists
    Wednesday, May 20th & Thursday, May 21st from 10am-12pm PST
    Format: Workshop
    Track: Skills Development
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Abstract & Presenters
  • Remote Collections Management Webinar Panels
    Wednesday, June 3rd & Thursday June 4th from 10am-12pm PST
    Online Zine Release: TBD
    Format: Panel Discussion
    Track: Skills Development
    Abstracts & Panelists

Special thanks to Guillaume Boure and Eliane Lima for assistance translating promotional text for these panels in Portuguese and French.

  • A/V Archiving Job Searches in a Global Emergency
    Tuesday, July 28, 2020 from 10am-12pm PST
    Format: Skillshare
    Track: Roundtable
    Abstracts & Presenters

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These webinars will launch on May 20th and will continue into June, so the needs of the community can be met as we learn to cope with the “new normal.” Payment for this programming is on a sliding scale to accommodate all income brackets. For those who have lost their jobs or been furloughed these webinars are free. To help acknowledge the work our participants put into these programs, there is also an option to tip the presenters or make donations to AMIA.

After these initial webinars, the task force will continue to program material in response to core competencies that address the needs of our changing work environment(s). In an effort to help to sustain the profession in this uncertain time, the CEA Task Force wants to encourage the community to converge to share ideas, support and promote each other’s work, strategize to create new remote workflows, and identify areas of advocacy for archiving and preservation practice within the varied institutions we serve.


The CEA Task Force has worked with the Board to define, describe and outline tracks and formats for AMIA’s online programming. This documentation is the first in a number of resources that will help guide AMIA’s work on creating accessible online education.

CEA Task Force Report 2018-2019

This report presents reasons why AMIA should engage in continuing education efforts; briefly summarize the other options available for media preservation training; list the possible audiences for AMIA’s education programs; identify potential collaborative partners with whom to teach A/V archiving; present the forms in which AMIA has and could continue to offer these programs; provide possible course topics and other issues to consider when designing media preservation training; and conclude with follow-up areas that require further research for the Executive Board to consider.