Explorers and scientists hiking a glacier in Southeast Alaska, 1926. William O. Field Papers, AAF-21001 (still image from film), Alaska Film Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. http://library.uaf.edu/film-archives

Other Events

In addition to conferences and symposia, AMIA’s events include screenings and workshops as well as collaborative events with partners the world over.

AMIA events provide a variety of opportunities to learn from leaders in the field, to network with colleagues from around the world, to explore new approaches and new solutions from different organizations, and to exchange ideas with speakers and fellow participants.

Archival Screening Night – The Roadshow

June 22, 2019 | National Gallery of Art  | Washington, DC

AMIA is assembling a program of material from its members to make available for public theatrical exhibition and broadcast. This will have two happy results: (1) public exposure will raise the profile of organizations whose films are included; and, (2) booking fees will raise funds for AMIA.

The free public premiere of the ASN Roadshow will be at the National Gallery of Art on June 22nd during the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Washington, DC.  It’s a chance to share a peek into the incredible collections we manage — and showcase the work of archivists to a public audience.

All AMIA members are welcome to submit and multiple submissions are allowed.  Submissions are due via the online submission form by April 3, 2019.  Consideration will be given to content that showcases regional, local, and culturally diverse perspectives. You can use the online submission form here:  https://bit.ly/2GcrDmY

JTS 2019 – Joint Technical Symposium

October 3-5, 2019 |  Hilversum, Netherlands

The Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) is an international scientific and technical event dealing with matters of particular importance to audiovisual archives and archivists. Organized every few years by the audiovisual archives associations that make up the CCAAA, it provides an opportunity for colleagues around the world and those interested in the field to meet and share information about the preservation of original image and sound materials.  AMIA has hosted the JTS in 2004 and 2007.

JTS 2019 will be held October 3-5, 2019 in Hilversum, hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. AMIA will co-present JTS 2019 with FIAF, FIAT/IFTA, and IASA in conjunction with the 50th IASA conference.

Past Events

AMIA/FIAF Archival Screening Night

In May, 2017 AMIA welcomed the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) and the Film Librarians Conference to an evening of archival celebration on the Paramount Lot.  Renowned film critic and tireless supporter of classic films Leonard Maltin hosted an evening of clips demonstrating the depth and breadth of collections and archivists within AMIA.


AMIA highlights the work of archivists and archives through screenings at the Conference, at The Reel Thing symposium, and other events.

Festival of the Archives

In 2012 AMIA hosted its first Festival of the Archives.  The festival’s mission is to promote to the public the work done by moving image archives in their efforts to preserve history and cultural heritage.  The 2012 festival was produced in partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival.