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AMIA Community Values

Working together to create the culture we aspire to.

Anytime people gather as a group we form both a community and a culture. As members of AMIA we are committed to creating and fostering a safe and inclusive environment. We aspire to create a culture that is respectful, supportive, open, curious, and kind in order to cultivate a diversity of perspectives and voices within our professional community.

We know that the best communication and critical thinking happens when people with a wide variety of experiences and perspectives come together in comfort and safety as peers.  We expect all participants in the AMIA community to approach their participation in online and in person events and discussions as helping to create thoughtful and respectful environments where that interaction can take place.

AMIA’s governance documents – in particular, the Community Agreement, Code of Ethics, and Code of Conduct – work together to help us to create the culture we aspire to.