Lois Weber's Shoes (1916) The hand of poverty. Courtesy: Milestone Films (link: https://www.milestonefilms.com)

"Borders and Boundaries" The Moving Image

Call for Special Issue


Call for Special Issue 22.2
“Borders and Boundaries”

The Moving Image invites submissions for possible inclusion in a Borders and Boundaries Special Issue. Building upon the Borders and Borderlands stream at the AMIA Spring 2021 conference, we welcome work that examines contact zones, third spaces, and fluid identities of humans and moving images in liminal spaces.

  • Traditional scholarly papers and historical essays on the moving image in literal, metaphorical, and filmic borderlands nationally and globally
  • In-depth examinations of specific preservation and restoration projects on, across, or near geographical borders and moving image media boundaries
  • Detailed profiles of moving image collections or archives in border states, nationally and globally
  • Interviews with leading figures in borderlands moving image archives communities, broadly construed
  • Reviews of border and boundary-themed film festivals, conferences, or exhibits
  • Theoretical and visionary articles on the future of decolonizing the moving image archiving field
  • Moving image constructs of liminality, fluidity and/or boundedness or boundlessness
  • Technical and practical articles on research and development in the field as it relates to borders, even of the film frame itself
  • Ethics of restoration and preservation efforts in border communities
  • The study of border, transnational, and transcultural home movies and other nontheatrical forms
  • Intellectual property restrictions, including questions of image sovereignty, affecting preservation and access to archival moving images
  • Emergent genre definitions within under-represented visual cultures


Inquiries and submissions should be directed electronically to Jennifer Jenkins at jenkinsj@arizona.edu, Melissa Dollman at msdollman@yahoo.com, and cc’d to Devin Orgeron at editor@themovingimage.org. We are happy to discuss ideas and answer questions in advance of submissions. Book, media, and conference or festival reviews should be sent to Brian Real at realb1@southernct.edu/

All manuscripts should be submitted as a Microsoft Word e-mail attachment, double- spaced throughout, using 12-point type with 1-inch margins, using the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition.

Please note if your piece should be considered for our “Features” section, our “Forum” section, or our new “Collections” section.

Types of Submissions:

  • Features: Double-blind peer reviewed research articles, 4000-6000 words
  • Forum pieces: Shorter, less formal (interviews, notes from the field, etc.)
  • Collections (NEW SECTION!): Collection profiles