No date is given, but the color photograph and the appearance of Danny Kaye point to a later period in his life. Doug McKenzie Photographer. Kaye/Fine Collection, Music Division. Library of Congress.

Film Department Internship


Film Department Internship (internship-paid)


Torrance, CA USA

Application Date

January 01, 1970

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Salary:  $16 hourly

Temporary position 3-4 months with potential for full-time employment

About us:

Founded in 1996, Duplitech is an independent media services company located in the greater Los Angeles area.  We provide the industry’s most cost effective solutions to preparing catalogue titles for release in the home entertainment market.  Our services include 2K/4K Motion Picture Film Scanning, Color Grading and Restoration, Blu-ray and DVD Authoring, Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation, Subtitling/Captioning and VOD Mezzanine Package creation/QC.


·       Receiving/Preparing film and tape assets from/for shipping couriers

·       Brief visual inspection and metadata entry into media database system (Perform basic assessments such as does asset look in good condition/does it look dirty/damaged)

·       Quality Control/monitor film scans while in process (i.e. monitoring scopes to make sure all image data is preserved)

·       Perform scene cut detection in Resolve (Cutting up video shot by shot in preparation for color correction/restoration)

·       Sync audio tracks to video


·       Highly organized and detail oriented

·       Ability to lift up to 50 pounds on an occasional basis

·       Basic understanding of post-production terminology (Frame rates/aspect ratios/audio configurations)

·       Basic understanding of DaVinci Resolve and/or Adobe Premiere

·       Appreciation of classic and modern cinema

·       Basic understanding of film formats (35mm, S16mm, 16mm) and generations (Original Negative, Release Print)