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Online Series: Open Source

Beginning in January of 2022, AMIA is offering a series of webinars and workshops focused on AV Open Source Tools.

Bash Scripting for Audiovisual Preservation
Nine Part Series

AMIA’s Bash Scripting for Audio-Visual Preservation Series is inspired by a similar course taught in June/July, 2020. Utilizing course feedback, this new series focuses on three topics, programming multiple Bash scripts.

With the principal that the only way to really learn scripting is to write scripts, formal lessons and hands-on exercises will alternate and approximately two thirds of the time will be devoted to actual programming. Examples used will focus mainly on FFmpeg automation techniques, but will include open-source tools such as MediaInfo.  It should be noted that although Bash is the programming language that will be used during these webinars, the techniques learned can easily be translated into other programming languages, such as Python.

Please note that these are recorded sessions. No technical support is offered. Please note the programs that should be downloaded prior to beginning the series in the series description.

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On Demand


A training workshop to assist in audiovisual processing and quality control procedures for DV videotape formats at archival institutions. The workshop shall include a focus on capturing methods for DV, quality control of the result, and DV format particularities for packaging and access. Participants will gain hands-on experience learning how to use the DVRescue toolkit for capture, quality control analysis, resolving artifacts, packaging videos for long term preservation, as well as other general best practices for working with DV.

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This session will provide an overview of vrecord, an open source video digitization and transfer tool. Attendees will learn how to run vrecord, select appropriate settings, and understand the tool’s output. The session will demonstrate vrecord’s role in an end-to-end digitization workflow.

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AMIA Open Source Series:

Does it matter if a software or format is “open” as long as it works and the price is right? Is using “free” stuff professionally a good idea? Will “open stuff” make things worse? Who supports and maintains Open Source? Who is “the community?”  Peter Bubestinger-Steindl provides practical experience-based insights into all these questions, as well as how free open source software (FOSS) may save your day(s)! Peter will also discuss what to expect, plan for and avoid to get high quality, long term sustainable digital solutions. The session is non-technical and intended for anyone in preservation facing decisions that involve software.

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AMIA Open Source Series:
FADGI’s embARC: Extending Embedded Metadata Support and Validation for DPX and MXF Files

embARC (“metadata embedded for archival content”) was first introduced in 2019 by the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI), AVP and PortalMedia as a free, open source software application that enables users to audit and correct embedded metadata to comply with FADGI guidelines. Recent development in 2020-2021 has expanded the scope of embARC to meet the evolving user needs and workflows of the audiovisual preservation community.

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