Annual Conference

AMIA’s Annual Conference brings together media professionals from around the world to address the best ways to preserve and provide access to our media heritage.

More than 600 professionals representing the world’s major media institutions gather each year for AMIA’s annual conference.  Attendees represent all areas of the community-corporate and national archives, media companies, libraries, historical societies, service providers, universities, and more.  Workshops, screenings, and more than 60 sessions programmed by working archivists to address the best ways to preserve and provide access to our media.

AMIA 2023 | November 15-17 | Tulsa, OK

We want the conference to be accessible to as many as possible so fees are on a sliding scale and members receive a discounted rate.

The Board has heard from several members who, as people who identify as part of a marginalized community, are concerned with Tulsa as the location for the annual conference. As anti-choice bans, anti-LGBTQ legislation, and anti-trans policies sweep throughout most of the US, it is hard for many of us to look at states like Oklahoma as places we want to visit or support financially. On behalf of the Board, we want to assure you that we hear these concerns and we take them very seriously.

We recognize that the words and actions of Oklahoma’s state legislature have real world consequences in people’s lives. Our decision to go to Tulsa was swayed in part by the City’s recent resolution reaffirming the city’s commitment to cultivating a safe and welcoming city for all people, by its thriving LGBT community, and also by personal conversations we have had with Tulsans concerned with the effect current legislation has on their own lives. Ultimately, we agreed that by bringing the conference to Tulsa, we are able to amplify their voices and, in doing so, bring some benefit to affected communities.

We are currently working with city officials and Oklahomans for Equality to actively seek ways to engage so that AMIA can best support their voices.

For attendees who may be impacted by travel to Tulsa, please contact us.

On behalf of the AMIA Board –
Rachael Stoeltje, President

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