Annual Conference

AMIA’s Annual Conference brings together media professionals from around the world to address the best ways to preserve and provide access to our media heritage.

More than 650 professionals representing the world’s major media institutions gather each year for AMIA’s annual conference.  Attendees represent all areas of the community-corporate and national archives, media companies, libraries, historical societies, service providers, universities, and more.  Workshops, screenings, and more than 60 sessions programmed by working archivists to address the best ways to preserve and provide access to our media.

AMIA Spring 2021 Conference:  Online, April 14-16

Our thanks to all of the presenters, coordinators, and attendees who participated in AMIA’s first online conference in November. With everyone in differing (and often changing) stages of returning to the workplace with new challenges and continuing uncertainty, the ability to connect, share information, and learn from each other is more important than ever. AMIA Spring 2021 will offer an opportunity for continuing discussions and new conversations affecting the field.
Registration rates start at $150 for members. We want the conference to be accessible to as many as possible so fees are on a sliding scale and members receive a discounted rate.

Program Information from Past Conferences

Conference 101 – In Person Events

Conferences can be an intimidating place, whether you’re planning on attending your 1st, 5th, or 25th conference. The Education Committee’s Conference 101 resource is designed to help you get the most out of your conference-going experience, from creating the best presentation, to tips on networking.  Conference 101 is geared towards in-person events.