Staying Connected

Many of our colleagues in the AMIA community are navigating new territory in working from home as people across the world deal with the global crisis of the Coronavirus.  We also acknowledge that some members of our community have been laid off or otherwise displaced from their work. In an effort to address these challenges, AMIA Advocacy Committee Members are engaging with SAA to advocate for displaced archivists via the Displaced Archivist Relief Fund program.

Weekly Coffee & Tea Break

Thursdays 11:00am (PDT)/2:00pm (EDT)

Thursdays are an opportunity for members of the av archives community to check in and engage with colleagues – a chance to take a virtual coffee or tea break with other members of the community. There are no agendas – you’re welcome to share work challenges, or just check in with each other if you’re feeling isolated (as most of us are). There’s no set length – some may be short and some may run longer depending on the conversation. There’s no theme – though if you want to propose one you can use #AMIABreak. We just want to offer a space for people to engage with each other and the community.

Everyone in the community is welcome. We’re welcoming members and non-members to participate, we just ask that everyone is supportive and respectful of one another, and abides by AMIA’s Code of Conduct. You can connect to Zoom via web or by phone, with video or without.

Breaks will be Thursdays at 11:00am (PDT)/2:00pm (EDT). We know that’s late (or early) for many of our International members – we can add additional times, so let us know what time we could add that would work for you.

Our thanks to the Digital Preservation Coalition and #DPConnect for the showing us a way to engage with each other and the broader community.