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AMIA Project Manager for Online Education

Seeking a manager for the 2024 online education program

AMIA is seeking a Program Manager for its online education program  in 2024.

The Program Manager will identify and plan programming to address online learning needs drawing from discussions with AMIA committee chairs, AMIA Board members, and previous work of the Continuing Education Task Force . Webinars may be both individual and short series, with a focus on skills development. The program manager will work with the Task Force to identify a diverse group of subject specialists as potential presenters. The webinars will be strategically developed in a variety of formats to broaden outreach, and provide different learning experiences for a variety of stakeholders within the field.

The Program Manager will oversee the 2024 programming calendar, ensuring that each webinar has confirmed instructors, moderator(s) if needed, and host. Information for each webinar, including description, host/moderator information, instructors, and any prerequisites will be delivered to the AMIA office for production. The program manager will work with the AMIA office to promote the online learning calendar and individual webinars. The Program Manager will make recommendations on any follow up programming for the 2025 calendar.

This is an independent contract position. Work will be completed remotely through email and phone communications, as well as through virtual meetings. The program manager will be paid on a project basis.

Project Dates

  • Project Start Date: February 20, 2024
  • Project End Date:  November 30, 2024

Project Responsibilities

  • Develop online learning topics in conjunction with committees, board members, and survey results
  • Identify and coordinate instructors for each session with confirmed dates
  • Coordinate curriculum dates and production with AMIA office
  • Develop/Gather Resources Aligned with Curriculum if needed
  • Promote online learning calendar and individual sessions via social media
  • Weekly project update meeting (15 min)
  • Short quarterly report on feedback from sessions including survey feedback, attendance, etc.
  • Final report including recommendations for the 2025 calendar moving forward


  • Experience in developing online learning modules, workshops, or sessions
  • Knowledge of av specific curriculum
  • Knowledge of current educational offerings in the field
  • Ability in working across field or organizational specialties in project development
  • Creativity in expanding outreach beyond the AMIA membership
  • Track record of successfully completing projects, on-time and within the allocated budget.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Self-motivated and highly organized
  • Able to work well independently and collaboratively

Reporting to the Managing Director, the program manager may engage with AMIA committee chairs, board members, potential organizational partners, and other groups as needed.


Project manager will be an independent contractor and paid a total sum of $5,000, with 85 estimated hours. Project duration: February 20, 2024 – November 30, 2024. Expectations are that 60% of project will be completed between February – June 2024, with final report due December 10, 2024

To Apply

Submit cover letter, statement of interest, and resume to The deadline for applications is February 7, 2024.