Interested in Mentorship?

Become an advisor or mentor!

Are you passionate about supporting and guiding the next generation of professionals in our field? Have you considered being a mentor? Join us on February 27th to ask questions and learn more about AMIA’s mentorship program and what tools we can offer to you as a new mentor, a returning mentor, or mentor advisor. Come and see if participating in AMIA’s mentorship program supporting the growth and development of others is for you!

As a mentor, you would have the opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, and experience with individuals looking to grow and advance professionally and beyond. Mentorship is a two-way street – it’s an opportunity to expand your own professional knowledge.

As a mentor advisor, you would help matching mentees to mentors according to their needs,  provide guidance and support to mentors and mentees as they cultivate their mentorship relationship, ensuring that they have the resources needed. You will also help shape and improve our mentoring program to ensure it  meets the needs of our members!

In 2024, AMIA will offer two mentorship programs – that of the Pathways Fellowship and a broader AMIA Mentor Program. Both programs will offer a six month mentorship, building relationships that help in navigating the complexities of career advancement, professional development, professional profile, skills in communication, and connection.

Together, we can create a supportive and inclusive community that empowers everyone to reach their full potential!

More about mentorship in AMIA and how you could get involved in this important and  growing initiative  is here.