Become a Mentor

Apply to be a mentor for the Mentorship Program Pilot

Become an AMIA Mentor or a Pathways Fellowship Mentor

AMIA is seeking mentors for two mentorship initiatives.

The Pathways Fellowship Program will match AMIA members with each of our ten Fellows for six months beginning in July.

The AMIA Mentorship Pilot will match AMIA member mentees with mentors for six months beginning in July. This pilot program will be the first step in developing a full mentorship program for AMIA in the future.

Please note that previous experience with mentorship is not necessary for participation. Anyone  interested or curious about mentorship are encouraged to apply. Mentors will be a mentorship training session, resources including a mentorship handbook, a mentorship orientation, and opportunities to connect with other AMIA mentors.

Application information will be shared with potential mentees to assist in identifying mentor matches, and to provide us with a sense of the range of potential mentoring resources available in our community. As the program grows, new resources will be developed and added to  support deeper and more impactful professional relationships in our community.

If you are interested in applying to be a mentee, the application will be available soon.

How to Apply

Please complete the mentorship application. Please note that the 2022 program will be a remote mentorship but we will try to match time zones where possible.

Mentees will complete a similar application to help us in making the best mentor/mentee matches.

What We Ask of Mentors

As a Mentor, we would like to ask you to commit to the following –

  • Participate in a mentorship training prior to the beginning of the mentorship
  • Participate in a mentorship orientation with other mentors and mentees
  • In your initial meeting with your mentee, discuss a schedule and way of communicating that works best for each of you
  • Regular virtual meetings with your mentee, between July and December
  • Be available to your mentee via phone and email (or other platform), potentially outside of work hours if needed
  • Offer career advice, feedback, and professional support to the Fellow throughout the Fellowship as needed
  • Support your mentee in networking and fostering connections with others who may have knowledge or experience in their area of interest
  • Contribute to an evaluation of the mentorship process, goals and outcomes at the conclusion of the Fellowship with recommendations for considerations for future iterations of a mentorship program


Thank You!