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2023 Board & Officers Election

Preliminary Slate

The Elections Committee submits this provisional slate of Candidates for the 2022 Board Election for the consideration of AMIA Members. Candidates were either self-nominated or nominated by fellow members. The ballot will include candidates for three at-large Directors of the Board of Directors and President of the Board. All AMIA officers and directors serve two-year terms.

2023 Preliminary Slate

Candidate for President

  • Rachael Stoeltje

Candidates for Director of the Board

  • Mackenzie Beasley
  • Daniela Currò
  • Brittan Dunham
  • Michael Marlatt
  • Brian Meacham
  • Laura Treat

Only members current on August 14, 2023 will be eligible to vote in the election.

After viewing this provisional slate, any qualified AMIA member wishing to run for any open AMIA Board position may add their name to the list of candidates on the ballot using the Nomination by Petition process as outlined in the Elections Manual and summarized below.

Upcoming Election Dates

  • Nomination by Petition: Declaration Due: August 8, 2023
  • Membership deadline for voters to renew: August 15, 2023
  • Nomination by Petition: Signatures Due: August 22, 2023
  • Election Opens: September 1, 2023
  • Election Closes: October 1, 2023

Deadline: August 8, 2023 – AMIA members wishing to run for any open AMIA board position may add their name to the list of candidates on the provisional slate by the nomination by petition process. Within one week of the announcement of the provisional slate, an interested candidate must start the petition process by notifying the Secretary and President of the Board declaring their intention to run.

Deadline: August 22, 2023 – All supporting signatures for a Nomination by Petition are due. Verification of the petitions will be conducted by the Elections Committee and will consist solely of determining if the support of the candidate was intended by the AMIA member submitting the petition. Members who receive the required ten verified petitions will be certified as candidates. The final ballot will include their names in addition to candidates listed on the preliminary ballot.

You may find the full Elections Manual here. Please feel welcome to ask questions or request any clarification in AMIA’s Elections process.

AMIA Elections & Nominations Committee

Andrea Leigh [Chair]
Brenda Flora
James Mockoski
Lauren Sorensen
Maddye Webb-Mitchell