Explorers and scientists hiking a glacier in Southeast Alaska, 1926. William O. Field Papers, AAF-21001 (still image from film), Alaska Film Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. http://library.uaf.edu/film-archives

AMIA Pathways Host

Host a Pathways Internship

We would like to invite you to become a Pathways partner with your organization providing a paid internship for a Pathways Fellow for the 2023 cohort!  Partnering with organizations to provide paid internships is critical in forging pathways in the audiovisual preservation field for people from groups historically underrepresented in the profession.

The Pathways team works closely with you to match internship and fellowship applicants. In person, hybrid, and remote opportunities are welcome.

Pathways Internship Hosts agree to:

  • Internships must be av centric (analog or digital)
  • Paid internships of 30 hours per week for 10 weeks during Spring/Summer 2022
  • Three paid hours per week scheduled for Fellowship activities
  • A suggested start date between May 15 and July 1 to align with curriculum and mentorship schedules
  • A minimum pay rate of $19 per hour
  • A written anti Harassment Policy (e.g. Employee Manual, policy, guidelines, etc.)
  • Provide a Host site fellowship coordinator/liaison who may or may not be the internship supervisor
  • Provide a secondary host site contact who may or may not be internship supervisor
  • To foster and promote the AMIA Pathways Fellowship program to encourage internship applicants from underrepresented communities and of diverse backgrounds and experiences in alignment with the Pathways Fellowship application guidelines.

Contact Teague Schneither, Pathways Project Director, at pathways@weareamia.org.

The AMIA Pathways Fellowship was made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [RE-250174-OLS-21].

More about the Pathways Fellowship pilot project (formerly the AMIA Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship Program).