Two teachers teaching a class which is being broadcast by KATV 7 television, after high schools were closed to prevent integration, Little Rock, Arkansas. U.S. News & World Report Magazine Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)

ADIFP | Mentorship Committment

ADIFP Fellowship Mentors

AMIA seeks to build a mentorship program to help guide professionals in navigating the complexities of career advancement, intentionality in choices of career path, professional development, professional profile, and skills in communication and connection. We aspire to make AMIA mentorship an inspiring experience for both parties, and believe that the mentor/mentee relationship is mutually enriching.

As part of being a Mentor for the AMIA Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship Program we would like to ask you to commit to the following –

  • Participate in two mentorship training discussions before mentorship begins
  • As part of your first contact with the Fellow, discuss  how you and the Fellow will communicate                       Weekly or bi-weekly virtual meetings with the Fellow, between July 21st-November 20th 2020
    Your availability to the Fellow via phone and email, outside of work hours and on weekends as needed
  • Outline an action plan to meet the Fellow’s goals for mentorship and independent work achievements during the Fellowship
  • Offer career advice, resume feedback, and professional support to the Fellow throughout the Fellowship as needed
  • Support Fellows in networking and fostering connections with other individuals who may have knowledge or experience in a Fellow’s area of interest
  • Notify Fellows of potential job postings, educational webinars and professional development opportunities
  • Meet in person with Fellows at professional conferences and events when both are present
  • Provide feedback on the Regional Fellows’ deliverables for projects at their host institutions if requested
  • Provide guidance and ongoing feedback to all the Fellow on creating their Fellowship Cohort projects
  • Encourage and prepare the Fellow to present their Fellowship Cohort project at AMIA 2020
  • Contribute to an evaluation of the mentorship process, goals and outcomes at the conclusion of the Fellowship with recommendations for considerations for future iterations of a mentorship program