Lois Weber's Shoes (1916) The hand of poverty. Courtesy: Milestone Films (link: https://www.milestonefilms.com)

Sort/Select Metadata Technician


Sort/Select Metadata Technician ()


Burbank, CA USA

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August 20, 2019

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LAC Group Content and Archive/PRO-TEK seeks a Sort/Select Metadata Technician for a client project in Burbank, CA. The Sort/Select Metadata Technician will be responsible for sorting images. This is a full-time, benefitted position.


  • Properly sort images by selection criteria separating “select” images from “non-select” images.
  • Identify images and place in proper containers.


  • Previous photo handling knowledge/experience including handling delicate photos, re-sleeving techniques, and knowledge of negatives/prints/duplicates. Previous experience in a photographic archive, stock photo agency, Publicity Dept. of a motion picture studio or for a Publicist is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Motion Picture history is helpful – including a knowledge of motion picture history (titles, actors etc.) beginning from the 1930’s forward.