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Film Archivist


Film Archivist (internship-unpaid)


Hereford, Herefordshire United Kingdom

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July 01, 2019

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Spring / Summer 2019

Introduction :

At Huntley Film Archives, we are committed to celluloid as a preservation media but our masters are supplied and scanned directly from the original for high quality. The collection is preserved by a team of film restorers and housed in our specially built film vaults. In this way, our team works with analogue and digital working methods, including the small gauges.

Founded by the late John Huntley in 1984, film historian, writer and broadcaster the film collection, started in the late 1940’s has grown into one of the largest independent film archive, specialising in documentaries from around the world. It also houses a unique and rare collection of films from the pioneer days of film 1895 to 1910. The archive is based in rural England in the UK.

The emphasis on the collection is on social history from around the world – travelogues industry, rural life, the arts, transport, shopping, media, fashion, home life, social problems, technology, early Hollywood and Bollywood, adverts, music, science, education, housing.  In addition we hold a vast collection of home movies on amateur gauges.

The film archive is now headed by John’s daughter Amanda Huntley. She is committed the principles set down by her late father and has developed the company into a training facility in addition to the commercial film archive activities. She heads a small team facing a mountain of work as the collections newly arrived into the archive outstrip the man hours to process them.

The Placement :

We are able to offer an Internship or Work Experience Placement to an enthusiastic person who would like to work with and learn with us. This would be ideal for a complete beginner looking to enter the archive film industry and discover the roles and workflows involved.

During a six week in house programme, you will receive training and/or experience of :

Nitrate handling

35mm and 16mm steenbecks

Small gauges handling.

Basic techniques of film repair, restoration and preservation

Scanning and digitisation

Research and cataloguing

We will expect you to work Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm alongside the permanent members of staff. The minimum commitment from you will be six working weeks.

Whilst we are UNABLE to offer any pay or expenses, we will commit to you a full training in the skills listed above.

Any further information and to apply please email with your CV

Contact : Amanda Huntley
Telephone +44 (0) 1981 241 580