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AV Preservation and Digitization Assistant


AV Preservation and Digitization Assistant (full-time)


Columbus, Ohio United States

Application Date

July 03, 2022

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SALARY:  $40,600-$50,000

The AV Preservation and Digitization Assistant will support the work of the AV Preservation & Digitization Lead in planning a long-term preservation program for the University Libraries audiovisual materials. The Assistant will provide patron access and ensure long-term preservation of these audiovisual resources.

The Assistant will be able to undertake basic care of the physical preservation of audiovisual materials. The Assistant will assess the condition, housing & storage of AV materials and make recommendations as appropriate. Will identify issues with handling, digitization, and playing of fragile and/or deteriorated materials, based on prior knowledge of AV material conditions.

The Assistant will steer successful end-to-end AV digitization workflows resulting in digitization of AV materials in support of the Libraries’ varied initiatives. Works in collaboration with Libraries’ stakeholders to ensure the long-term digital preservation of the files created for patron requests and programmatic digitization. Works with vendors to determine the best approaches to digitizing rare and fragile items and advise stakeholders in the Libraries accordingly. May participate in outreach and future grant writing initiatives.

Preservation and Digitization Program Area staff works collaboratively as a team to steward The Ohio State University Libraries collections, harnessing our different expertise and helping each other to reach our full potential, and together ensure the long-term preservation of this vast cultural heritage.

Consistently demonstrates commitment to our values and promote an organizational culture of Discovery, Connection, Equity, Integrity, and Stewardship (https://library.osu.edu/strategic-directions) as well as dedication to advance the work of the Division of Content & Access. All other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in audiovisual engineering, communications, digital media, or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience with handling, preservation and housing of archival materials.
  • Detailed working knowledge of a wide range of audiovisual formats, and of physical conditions affecting feasibility of digitizing various media.
  • Working knowledge of library and archives preservation principles, including digitization and metadata standards for long-term preservation and access.
  • Excellent written and oral skills.
  • Ability to work creatively, collaboratively, and effectively both as a team member and independently
  • Ability to lift, move, and arrange up to 30 pounds of collection items, with or without a reasonable accommodation.
  • Basic competence with office applications in Microsoft Office software.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Two or more years of experience assessing physical condition of AV materials and identifying possible deterioration or damage.
  • Two or more years of experience with quality review of digitized AV materials.
  • Familiarity with archival description practices and metadata standards.
  • Experience using audiovisual digital conversion hardware and software.