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Audiovisual Preservation Professional


Audiovisual Preservation Professional (full-time)


Santa Barbara, California United States

Application Date

May 22, 2024

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SALARY:  $67,399.72 – $83,801.92/yr

Brief Summary of Job Duties

The Library of the University of California, Santa Barbara, seeks an innovative, forward-looking, service-oriented, and collaborative professional for an exciting opportunity to serve as the Audiovisual Preservation Specialist at the UCSB Library’s Henri Temianka Audiovisual Preservation Lab. Under the direction of the Performing Arts Curator and in coordination with the Directors of Resource Acquisition and Discovery Services (ReADS), Special Research Collections (SRC), and Digital Library Development (DLD), and working very closely and collaboratively with curators and staff in SRC and ReADS, the Audiovisual Preservation Specialist serves as the Library’s expert in audiovisual preservation and digitization for materials handled by the Temianka Lab. The incumbent performs highly complex specialized procedures addressing audiovisual preservation needs.

AV activities in the Temianka Lab include: Selecting and preparing AV formats for digitization in the Lab, including audio, video, and film; Producing professional-quality digitized archival sound and moving image recordings and performing format migration on audio and video materials for access and preservation purposes. The incumbent performs and supervises the digitization of media according to established procedures; creates digital images of disc labels; manages file naming and technical metadata generation and creation of digital surrogates for online and patron access. Manages the operation of the Henri Temianka Audiovisual Preservation Lab; supervises and trains students; performs basic equipment maintenance; identifies equipment needs; develops and implements workflows for digitization of obsolete formats; and monitors current best practices in AV preservation.

Coordinates with the staff in the Division of Digital Strategies the development of scripts and software tools used in the Temianka Lab to manage, validate, QC, make derivatives, and post-process digital objects. Contributes to Library-wide planning in digital repository best practices for audiovisual materials and assists in planning for long-term preservation of digitized audiovisual content. Manages special projects and adapts workflows, staffing, hardware, and software/scripts used in the Temianka Lab as necessary while also setting goals; providing training and production oversight; evaluating staff and system performance; and generating reports, statistics, and documentation.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent training and/or experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of current and legacy professional audio and video equipment formats and operation including digital audio workstations & software, grooved media formats and playback, magnetic media formats and playback, cartridge-based video formats (Betacam, U-matic and VHS), signal flow, digital audio workstations and interfaces, signal processors, noise reduction hardware and software, players and recorders, and studio monitors.
  • Strong knowledge of video post-production equipment, including broadcast video decks, audio/video routers and matrix switchers, analog to digital conversion hardware and software, audio and video effects, signal analysis, vectorscopes, and waveform monitors.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Basic experience in equipment maintenance, experience working with equipment maintenance vendors and digitizing vendors, and strong knowledge of legacy and contemporary media preservation and storage technologies, applications and practices, including best practices, including archival file formats and standards.
  • Strong knowledge of computer systems hardware and software operations, including digital audio (Wavelab, Audition, etc) and video recording (Adobe Premier, Finalcut, etc), editing, and transcoding. Familiarity with Filemaker, python, and ffmpeg is a plus.

Special Conditions of Employment

Job Functions and Percentages of Time:

Digitization Management (55%) Manages Henri Temianka Audiovisual Preservation Lab with a high volume of work, ensuring that patron request copies, systematic digitization, and project-based work are coordinated and completed on schedule. Activities include:

  • Digitizes sound recordings from the Library’s collection, including 78rpm discs, cylinders, cassettes, open reel tapes, and other obsolete audio media, as well as cartridge-based moving image formats such as Betacam, VHS, and U-Matic tapes.
  • Prepares and/or supervises students in the preparation of the audiovisual materials for digitization, including barcoding, cleaning, tape baking, and selecting appropriate preservation equipment and techniques, including the selection of playback styli, playback speed, track configuration, and equalization curves prior to transferring the recordings to digital format.
  • Oversees workflow in the Lab and ensures that established goals are met by completion date, assuring quality control of the process.
  • Working collaboratively with Public Services staff, delivers completed transfers fulfilling patron requests, and monitors quality control of Lab processes. Consult with the Curators and other departmental staff when needed to formulate or revise the patron requests’ program objectives.
  • Maintains audiovisual playback equipment in the reading room and curatorial office and works with library staff (curators and archivists) on the operation of audiovisual equipment as needed for evaluation, playback, and appraisal of incoming collections.

Student Supervision (15%): Hires, trains, supervises, and evaluates students in digitizing of recorded sound and audiovisual collections including cleaning, digitizing, photographing, and file management. Monitors and instructs lab staff on correct operation and maintenance of lab equipment. Reconciles and approves timecards via the Kronos timekeeping system. Manages and prioritizes work done by student assistants and monitors progress of projects. Works with Curator and department staff to evaluate and adjust workflow to maximize lab productivity.

Metadata and Workflow Management (15%): In coordination with relevant stakeholders in the Departments of ReADS, DLD, and IT, and following national standards and UCSB Library policies and procedures, the incumbent:

  • Creates digital surrogates and manages file names and metadata in library systems as appropriate for digitized audio and video recordings as well as image files.
  • Uses software and hardware tools to transfer digitized collections into UCSB systems, including both physical and virtual locations.
  • Utilizes software and hardware tools to ensure proper storage locations and identifications. Manages predominantly automated streams of digital files to storage on appropriate UCSB systems, including transfer to a long-term preservation repository.
  • Works with DLD and IT staff in maintaining scripts and automation tools to manage digitization workflows and management of digital files. Generates reports, statistics, and documentation, as needed.

Audiovisual Labs and Facilities Management (10%): Maintains equipment in the Temianka Lab, including equipment cleaning, calibration, maintenance, and repair, including identifying vendors for equipment repair and maintenance. Recommends and specifies new and used equipment needs for labs. Maintains inventory of Lab supplies needed for day-to-day operations. Collaborate with library staff as appropriate on managing the SRC cold vault storage for audiovisual collections.

Professional Engagement and Development (5%): Expands knowledge of the job, library technical services (methods and tools), and broader Library and University policies by attending training sessions, seminars, and workshops; participating in self-directed tutorials; consulting print and electronic resources; and participating in UCSB Library learning activities. Attends regular departmental and unit meetings in ReADS, DLD, and SRC, as appropriate.