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Archives Technician


Archives Technician (full-time)


Culpeper, VA USA

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February 02, 2023

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SALARY:  $42,870 – $55,736 per year

Are you interested in working with the world’s largest collection of moving images? Do you get excited at the prospect of inspecting, describing, and rehousing film reels of every conceivable gauge and stock, especially nitrate? Would you enjoy working with videotape, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, and even the occasional laserdisc? How about doing all this in a facility custom built for the storage and preservation of audiovisual material, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, alongside colleagues who share your passion and enthusiasm? We have the job for you.

This position is located in the Moving Image Section of the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center. The Archives Technician works under the administrative supervision of the Moving Image Section Head. The Archives Technician assists in or independently accomplishes the completion of special projects identified by the Moving Image Section Head. He or she implements standards for accuracy and detail while exercising judgment, technical proficiency, and an understanding of the archival principles of arranging, describing, preserving, and securing rare and fragile moving image material. The Technician will work with a range of archival motion picture material such as nitrate, acetate, polyester, fine grain masters, negatives, and prints. The Technician will also work with video formats on a range of physical media.

Sorts and arranges moving image materials. According to assignment, applies standard approaches, using considerable judgment in the application of numerous operating instructions, procedures, and precedent decisions. Assists in the preliminary review, inspection, and handling of assigned moving image collections. Removes duplicate and extraneous material as directed. Disposes of deteriorated nitrate film according to established protocols.

Helps prepare inventories, describing materials arranged in a prescribed or recurring manner. Assists in compiling and organizing information for accession and bibliographic records. Helps identify collection material and applies descriptive information according to a prescribed plan.

Follows unrelated procedures and methods to support preservation and maintenance functions for collection materials. Assists in preliminary review and inspection of moving image collections to determine format type and physical condition. Following a prescribed plan, identifies and labels material for conservation and inventory control, including in automated systems. Treats and houses material according to instructions and performs such duties as shelving and relocating collections, transferring items, containers, and files, and designating them for special identification or handling.

Inspects 35mm prints going out for and coming back from exhibition loan. Has responsibility for shipping nitrate and safety film and videotapes for preservation loan.

Performs various other duties as assigned.