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The Strong Museum Has Set Out to Preserve (and Legitimize) Video Game History

“We’re really trying to capture the full sweep read more

Who Needs Hard Drives? Scientists Store Film Clip in DNA

It was one of the very first motion pictures ever made: a read more

Establishing a Corporate Archive at NPR

NPR has always valued archives and research. Read> read more

Start the presses: How vinyl production was reinvented from the ground up

Until recently, the equipment used to make records in the read more

The repatriation of Kenya’s musical heritage

"Many hundreds of recordings by an early generation of read more
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Iowa man’s treasure trove of silents

  17.06.20 9:38am

Decades ago, Iowa history teacher Michael Zahs discovered a treasure trove of silent films owned by Frank Brinton, who famously screened early shorts to rural American audiences from 1895 to 1917. Read>