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Our films, our heritage

What if film is an historical object? No. The Act states read more

Scottish firm aims to preserve world's film archives

Windense believes it has developed a cost-effective system read more

ICA "Archives and Cultural Industries" Conference

I warmly invite you all to ICA's 2nd Annual Conference read more

BU caught in middle as filmmaker, professor feud

The arrangement seemed logical. Mark Rappaport, a read more

Screening the Future 2013

Screening the future is an annual showcase delivered by read more
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A Digital Promise Update

  13.03.20 12:47pm

We accomplished a lot in 2012, our first full year of operation. We grew our staff and budget, facilitated several pilots and evaluation studies, and expanded the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools to 32 districts, serving 2.5 million students, among many other accomplishments. As a result of this work and the support of our stakeholders, we are well-positioned to make 2013 a year of even more milestones and accomplishments. Read all about our work, and that of our fantastic school districts and other stakeholders, in our 2012 Annual Report, released last week at our spring meeting.

Read more here: